Normal pulse for 55 year old woman?

Dr. Rich,
What is the best pulse rate for a normally active 55 year old woman
I exercise ups...push ups...I can do 30-40 each.
I had tachycardia from hyperthyroid....last May. Medication (PTU for Graves' Disease...weaned off since Inderal September) has brought it down to 60 or 70's. At my present reduced med, I see most in mid 80. Is that too high?
Thank you,

The "normal" resting pulse rate can vary from 50 to 90 beats per minute. There is no "best" resting pulse rate.
If a person's resting pulse rate increases significantly, it may indicate some sort of medical problem - anemia, thyroid disease, heart disease, etc. (too numerous to list.) But most often it's just one of those things.
Dr R

Just got my Holter monitor printouts. My pulse rate ranged from 40 to 140 bpm, with 92 bpm average. This was not found to be abnormal for one with my atrial fibrillation of many years. No increase of the slow down medication, atenolol, was prescribed. Guess 90 bpm is the averae between the two extremes. Is OK. The higher rates correlated with exercise, and the lower rates with sleep, meaning that the heart rate is physiologically adjusted by whatever one is doing, and the body's demand for oxygen. There were some pauses, which goes with the territory.

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