ECG Result - "Early Transition"?

Had an ECG because of palpitations - with certain beats slightly painful.
Doc indicated that all was OK with the results.
But -- just got a copy of the ECG and it's marked it bold caps: "EARLY TRANSITION
Can anyone tell me what that means? Is it anything to worry about?
Thanks so much ...
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This refers to the pattern of QRS complexes in the ECG as you look from the right-sided chest leads to the left-sided chest leads (Leads V1 - V6). Normally the QRS complex switches from downward to upright between leads V3 - V4. If the switch occurs earlier (leads V1 - V2,) that can sometimes (infrequently) indicate a prior myocardial infarction (heart attack) in the posterior part of the heart. Posterior MIs are uncommon, and are hard to spot on the ECG. The "early transition" may be the only ECG clue that it has occurred.
However, the early transition finding is very non-specific, and often occurs in normal, healthy people. For every 100 patients with this finding, probably less than 10 have actually had a prior posterior MI. The rest are normal.
Dr R

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
It helps to know that it is most likely nothing to worry about!
Tell me ... is it 'normal' for palipitations to sometimes be slightly painful?
Not all of them are, and not every beat ... just the odd single "heartbeat" produces pain, with a kind of pinching or constricted feeling in the upper/center of my chest.
On rare occasions the same momentary pain is accompanied by a kind of weird 'headrush' sensation - like my head is filling with blood all of a sudden?
My doctor says its probably just "anxiety" ... which really kind of irks me since I am NOT the anxious type.
Is this "just" palpitations?
Any other ideas?
Thanks again - most sincerely ...
P.S. I am female, 49 years old

"Palpitations" is not a diagnosis, it is a symptom. Palpitations is simply an unusual awareness of the heart beat. I have heard some people say their palpitations are painful, but obviously I cannot say what is causing your symptoms.
Dr R

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