What is the prognosis after 5-way-bypass?

My doctor hedges when I ask him the long term effects of my 5-way-bypass.  He simply says "perhaps in 10 years you might have to have a stent placed."  He says the surgery is effective "most of the time" for 10 years.  This sounds rather evasive to me.  I know that 5-way-bypass is by far the most serious and definitely means you have advanced heart disease.  My questions are "can you stop this disease before it goes any further by having the surgery (which I have had).  What kind of life-term expectancy can you really expect.  Can you live to be a ripe old age if you take your medication?  I try to do everything right, except because of rheumatoid arthritis I can't get the excercise except walking that I would like.  I am mildly overweight, but nothing that seems to concern him.  My blood pressure, which used to be very high is 120/80 and he seems happy with that.  The only thing I seem able to tolerate is NORVASC and the only side-effect I suffer is shortness of breath at times.  My cardiologist says this is normal, but I cannot take ace inhibitors as they make me sick.  I have tried Altace and Diovan and never felt worse then I did when I took them.  The Norvasc seems to do the trick for me.  I do not have to take any blood thinner except 81 mg aspirin, Zetia and Zocor, synthroid, Celexa and alprazolam for panic disorders..........yes I know alprazolam is addicting but I have been on it for 15 years and I would rather take it then suffer panic attacks.  It also seems to help my heart tremendously when I have palpitations, as does Metropolol which I take 200 mg of a day.
It's now been exactly 4 years and my birthday is Friday.  I will be 63 and 4 years ago I wouldn't have given a dime that I would ever see this birthday.  For the most part I feel good, although I know I am more tired then I used to be.........so I take my naps, play with my dog, and live a very quiet lifestyle.  It works for me.
Please tell me what the usual prognosis is for heart bypass patients?

Well your Vice

Dick Cheney is still alive and kicking after several heart attacks and quadruple bypass surgery almost 17 years ago...

From eveything I've read, walking is the best exercise. Also, your blood pressure is good, the bypass has not had to be stented for four years (if I read your message correctly) and I think when bypasses have closing up problems it mostly happens fairly soon after the operation, your weight is reasonable. You're looking good, I would say as just a layperson.
I notice you're taking metoprolol. That can cause shortness of breath, so it may be that as well as or instead of the Norvasc that's doing that.
Anybody who's 63 is more tired than they used to be :-) Notice on how reality shows the codgers our age eventually drop out.

Coronary artery disease is a chronic, progressive disease that gets worse over time - unless drastic changes are made.  Angioplasty, stents, and bypass surgery doesn't cure anything - it just relieves localized obstruction and buys some time.  Anyone with CAD should embark on a Manhattan Project of risk factor control.  They should look at this as a cancer patient does the need for prolonged chemotherapy - aggressive risk factor control should become the first thing you think about in the morning, and the last thing you think about at night.  Weight, exercise, diet, cholesterol, hypertension, smoking, etc. - all should be attacked vigorously.
On average, bypass surgery is good for about 10 years.  This can be a lot shorter, or a lot longer, largely depending on those factors that determine how quicky CAD worsens over time.  Again, many of these factors are in your control.
Dr R

That was good for a chuckle on my part (considering I didn't vote the Bush/Cheney ticket), but you are absolutely right that he is alive.........but kicking???????? questionable :)  He has been through a lot and has had a pace maker placed not too long ago........but you have to remember his bypass surgery only lasted for 10 yrs. before he started having problems.  I am 4 years into mine and I guess concerns are mounting.
Thanks for the chuckle though.

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