PVCS and bowel movement?

Has anyone experienced a correlation between PVCS events and a need for a bowel movement?
I think you will get many interesting comments to your question. Many have noticed a caorrelation with gastrointestinal fucntions, so it wouldnt suprise me if you get others in agreement.
Weird and embarrassing as it may seem. in answer to your question -- absolutely.

I would think so, I have experienced this also, I also experience PVCs while having a BM occasionally. What amazes me is that maneuvers used to stop PSVT can also triggers PVCs, which in turn can sometimes trigger PSVT.
Lately I have 2 epsiodes of an arrhythmia I never experienced that much before,one just yesterday, it starts with what feels like a PVCs, then my hearts beats with a rollin over feeling like my heart is completely out of sync, but my pulse Neck pulse
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from what i can tell is fairly regular and not that fast, anyone else experience this feeling, I'm wondering if it could be a fib, but its so fleeting, last for under a minute but can return a few times within 2-5 minutes, after that I'm left with occasional PVCs for awhile but not strong ones. From what I gather PVCs can sometime trigger atrial Atrial fibrillation/flutter
Atrial myxoma
Left atrial myxoma
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fibrillation Atrial fibrillation/flutter
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in a concealed AP. see for re: very interesting.
Yes indeed, I have noticed a correlation for me. :)
That has got to be the all time shittiest moment. :-) I usually get my pvcs' when I have sex Buccal smear
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. I guess taking a **** doesn't excite me as much as sex Buccal smear
Causes of sexual dysfunction
Child abuse - sexual
Delayed ejaculation
Erection problems
Female sexual dysfunction
Inhibited sexual desire
Orgasmic dysfunction
Puberty and adolescence
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does. :-)
So does, anyone notice pvc's during sex Buccal smear
Causes of sexual dysfunction
Child abuse - sexual
Delayed ejaculation
Erection problems
Female sexual dysfunction
Inhibited sexual desire
Orgasmic dysfunction
Puberty and adolescence
Safe sex
Sexual intercourse - painful
Palps during sex...unfortunately YES for me! It really cramps your style for sure.
I have them occ. too. These are usualy from "baring down" when trying to pass your bowel movements. This stimulates a nerve known as the "Vagus" nerve, which when stimulated, will slow your HR down and lower your B/P. This can have an adverse, yet probably benign, effect on your rhythm, causing your ventricles to "fire off" a beat of it's own.
I get the palps before, and the bathroom function relieves the palps shorlty after. I don't get them during sex though.
Speaking of palps during sex, I had an AV node re-entry occurance after sex. I thought my heart was beating fast because of it and waited for it to slow down but it did not and I got a shock from my defibrillator because when I stood up my heart beat even faster. Hubby and I were scared for MONTHS after that and it is still in the back of our minds sometimes.
I think the closest correlation I can think of is the skipped beats I experience scare the ... well ... you know ... out of me.
You betcha,
And, periodically, SVT bursts will occur in advance of a BM.
This is very interesting to me as I have just been diagnosed with Gastroparesis. This is a term for slow stomache emptyng. From what I understand itis casued by an injury of some kind to the vagus nerve. For the pasr year I have been having heart rate distrubances and recently my blood pressure is sometimes very low. If I overeat it is a major problem and my heart rate speeds up. I have not been able to find anything concrete which links heart related issues to gastroparesis. Although, it is linked to hypothyroid and diabetes. Thank you.
Wow, you may have just changed my life! I've had palpitations (thnumps, flutters, etc ) ever since I had a laproscopic gallbladder surgery 7 years ago. I am 41 now, married with 3 kids, and have always had an anxiety disorder, cycling into full blown panic attacks on occasion. I've told Drs for years that my PVCs (if that's what they are- nothing else shows up in tests) seem to be a lot worse after eating, and I can get breathless and tachy if I have more than a light meal- no one really believed me. Now you mention these symptoms in conjunction with eating.... I thought I was the only one! (Why do so many Drs assume that if you have anxiety, all of your symptoms are caused by a panic attack, etc???).
Anyway, tahanks for taking the time to post her. I am off to research this more fully. I feel so much better already!
I have coorelated my PACs and PVCs with bowel movements for years. They tend to go away or get less frequent after I go. Just this morning, I was walking in to work and felt that first sensation of having a BM, and it triggered strings of regular then irregular rapid beats for awhile. Wouldn't go away, so I went to the ER and the doctor said I probably had an SVT event. Scary, but if I would have just gone straight to the bathroom I might not have wound up in the hospital!
I have said for years that my PVC's were associated with gastrointenstinal function. When I eat, within five minutes the PVC's will start. I love spicy foods (jalapeno's and hot giardinara are the best); but eating spicy foods causes PVC's to come-on with a vengeance! ;like every two or three beats. The PVC's will last until stomach empties then it's as if I have the most perfect heart in the world. . . no problems. Then yes, you guessed it, PVC's start again prior to having a bowel movement. I can predict (if this is a necessary gift I don't need it) when I will have to have a BM within minutes. PVC's start, then wham, few minutes later my body says get to the bathroom. I shared this with my cardiologist (I have a cardiologist because of MVP) and all he said was "interesting".
To any doctors reading this, I wouldn't wish these abnormal episodes on anybody, but I wish you all could experience this and then tell me it's in my head!
Yeah,ain't that the s----!
I've also experienced P.A.C.S right before taking a Cr--.It makes you wanna run to the bathroom..
Sex in the missionary position is a real no-no.To avoid P.A.C.S,IT must be done in any position BUT the missionary.Any kind of pressure on the stomach will trigger these things so try and STAY ON TOP if you are a P.A.C/P.V.C.sufferer.Sorry,don't want to be too graghic just providing some helpful info.here.I hope.
While on the same topic,This subject matter is something that no one will ever talk about!

sometimes getting turned on will also trigger a B.M..( in women )I guess it serves some purpose.I bet I'm not the only one to experience this phenonema,but no one will ever admit to it.Gross but true.:(Gosh...Why do our bodies do such strange things?Is there a reason for this besides the obvious?
Hi, this is my first time posting . . . yes, sometimes I get NS V-tac or bigemeny that triggers nausea and a bowel movements within minutes. Also, I'm looking to see if anyone else has long runs of bigemeny that produces pressure in the chest, pain down the arms, chest, throat, abdomen, etc. I was told years ago that my PVC's were benign . . . well, last year I was helipcoptered out to the hospital twice for V-Tac, kept in the hospital 10 days before it would calm down. I had all the tests and have no problems (?) . . . I don't drink, smoke, eat a very healthy diet, and try to exercise but difficult with PVC's. The pain and discomfort make it difficult to breathe sometimes. . . I guess I don't understand how this could be benign!! Appreciate any comments.
I don't know what PAC or PVC means.If you mean a horrible impulse in the thyroid region while you definitely feel your heart stop-b-B-BOOM ,and then again and again every 2 beats until you eventually go insane or finish digesting fast,then I can tell you that if i eat more than a VERY light meal,and/or lay down(right side/face up) or even sit on my chair slightly bent forward,like when you work with a computer they surely come in.Ten's of them,linked.
This can be because of a hiatal hernia(I'm sorry i'm no english and i have no medical words knowledge-yet)wich is the stomach being a little too high and somehow touching/uncomforting the hearth i guess.
I have a bloated belly almost all the time,I don't know why yet the doc's said i'm ok.
Medicine like Rythmonorm and Egylok does not help at all.
Hangovers are in my opinion the best way to get some of them for weeks,if not months,wich for a 30 year guy is really sad.
If i hear again those are benign i think I'll go crazy for good,I was twice in the situation to wake up in the emergency car ,(of course by then the "palpitations" stopped so they were upset I called them for nothing,nothing wrong appeared on the ekg or even holter when i had it on),very high pulse first time 150/min,very low the second time,30/min.I was sleeping the first time and enjoying a pizza the second time.Blue,cold arms,blue face,partial right side paralised.
I have this heart stopping thing for 3 years now.I've seen 8 doctors.I had bad luck with the 3 holters,only a few of them appeared,and they said something about bigeminism,gave me all sorts of calmants like xanax,and the last one prescripted rythmonorm and metoprolol-for 2 years,but..no efects.I am no anxious type.I don't know what to do anymore.Check if you have this disease ,hiatal hernia,i heard it's an easy surgical intervention.I cannot have an surgical intervention if i don't proove on holter that i have ..well what i have,i don't know what disease i have,I know i don't have any money for doc's anymore.
I most definitely associate PVCs with stomach issues not sure what they are but there is a direct connection at least for me. I have read on several of these boards that many people also feel there is a connection. Most Doctors I discussed this with dont see any.
I have experienced anxiety (panic attacks) on and off for 20 years they have been under control for the past 10 years so I know what they do to you. One thing they did not do to me is cause PVCs like I have experienced over the last 3 years. I feel that anxiety does not cause PVCs but PVC cause anxiety.
I can relate with almost all the posts here and on other forums on this issue and have taken all the same pills, test, exercise, etc as others with pretty much the same outcome. So here is my experience with PVCs and why I say it is related to the stomach.
Three years ago from out of the blue I started experiencing PVCs. Of course I had no idea that they were PVCs just felt my hart was missing beats and I could feel it each time in my gut. My doctor was surprised saying you can feel that. Did all the usual tests halter, stress test and finally an endoscopy. All were fine except the endoscopy biopsy came up with a fungus in the esophagus. Well I took some meds and after a week the PVCs slowed and eventually stopped. I had been telling the doctor over the 4 months during this episode that my stomach was not right. Not sure If this corrected the problem or they just went away for some reason.
Well I was fine and thought that was the end of PVCs. About one year passed and I was having stomach / bowel movement issues on/off and living with it. Then one day I had 2 hotdogs for lunch and about 1 hour later I started to get PVCs just like that. I was back to the PVC battle again but this was even worse. Noticed this time that my stomach issues and what I ate/drank would aggravate it. I tried to deal with it on my own but it got so bad one day I wound up in ER on my birthday with PVCs every other beat. (You know on my birthday I was partying a bit more then normal) They hooked up monitors, IV and ran test kept me there for 4 hours gave me something for low potassium and to relax me. I was not having a panic attack, remember I know what they are. So I did the follow-up with my doctor (who said about my ER visit on my birthday it was like the prefect storm for PVCs) then the heart specialist who said you drink coffee, red wine and smoke you will never get rid of them. I only do those in moderation but I thought he sucked and was wrong. Yes they can aggravate the problem but they are not the cause. Took some meds on/off same and lived with the PVCs like all of you for 8 more straight months some days not too bad and others not so good.
Six weeks have just passed and NO PVCs WHY?
Well I had a per-scheduled colonoscopy test and before the test you have to eat only liquids for 36 hours before and take this laxative solution preparation many of you will know about this. After all was flushed from my system I noticed I was not getting any PVCs and so far NO PVCs. That is my story and why I believe PVCs are directly related to the stomach issues. By the way my stomach / bowel issues are also much better now (Is that strange) no PVC no stomach issues.
I pray I dont get them again but if I do I taking that laxative solution preparation again. Good luck to you all and hope you all find a solution to help you.
Yeah, P.A.C.s/P.V.C.s are definitely related to stomach/digestional issues.But I don't know what the link might be?? Can anyone out there enlighten us?
I've had them daily for 22 years now( I think I could of had them as a child and teenager also but didn't know how to test my pulse for them back then.I used to ignore them before reading about them in a medical book..Paranoia reading material.,I really wish I never found out about them in the first place )..Some days I just get a few..Other times,when ill or having a reaction to something.I can get much more..once I got over 100 a day when ill..
They got much worse after finding out what they were ( because of fear ) and after taking Medimucil fiber laxitive one day I had ( My first ) P.A.C.night from hell because of the gas the stuff produced in my intestines.Unbelievable..
You really have to be careful of what you eat,drink and the medicines you take..Try to notice any food or drug relations and reactions.Sometimes P.A.C.S are an allergic reaction,atleast for me,to a substance( or even a person! Yes,bad or negative energies and emotions..( fear,nervousness,anxiety..etc) can cause these things!) you should be avoiding in the first place..I guess that's what they meant by the term,"Gut feelings "Just thought I'd pass that along..
This is very Interesting, I did not know about the Bowel movment thing and PVCs. I never thought about it. as far as PVCs and sex I have not had a problem for a long time but I have had 1 or 2 PVCs while having sex. Thanks for all the support you all are a blessing. god bless.
I have noticed PVCs in relation to allergy/sinus trouble. I have posted this elsewhere... when I get a serious case of postnasal drip that makes me feel like I'm choking it is often accompanied by 1-3 PVCs per episode. The skipped-beat feeling followed by a "thump" in the chest/neck. When I'm sick or fatigued it is more pronounced. I just called the Dr. about this yesterday and they said likely I am just noticing my heart beat more strongly because the "choke" feeling causes a second of automatic panic. They also said to watch caffeine and any stimulants including allergy meds. Pseudoephedrine is bad for this I guess, as well as asthma inhalers, for causing irregular heart beats. (Great! The cure is worse than the symptoms...)
I am beginning to become convinced that PVCs have to do with an allergic reaction, whether to foods or other things. I think it is a cardio/pulmonary "spasm" likened to a cough reaction. I am not surprised to hear that people have many PVCs in reaction to foods, wine, alcohol. The yeast/mold in alcohol is particularly bad for allergy sufferers. I think more Dr.s should pursue this angle in treatment.
hi imfixable, you mentioned in your comment that you were getting pain with bigeminy rhythm. so do i, i've been in bigeminy rhythm now for 5 weeks, i have been getting some relief from it when i am sitting or lying down. I've never had it this bad before. when i am walking it starts i try to ignore them but the pain actually makes me stop i also get breathless.i haven't been to work because of them i am living like a invalid. Before this time i was a active person even though i have suffered with pvc's for over 30 years and maybe have had one or two days off work when they have bothered me usually when i've have a cold or some kind of virus but never to this extent. Now i am waiting to have ablation it's a chance i'm willing to take as i feel this is no life for me.they say that you shouldn't feel pain with pvc's but me and you are proof that you can. all the best to you.
I have had mostly PAC's since I was in the military and they gave me 2 doses of the flu shot in a row which of course gave me the flu bad. I ended up sick in the hospital with a heart infection and amazingly enough, they have lost all of my medical records. This means they won't take care of my problem because I received a medical discharge after this all happened. Anyway... I used to think I was the only one suffering from them. The doctors would say.... oh don't worry, you won;t die from them. But, they don;t know what its like living with them. As I have gotten older, I am 44 now, I have them all the time. Almost constant. I take Toprol beta blocker just so I can function. It doens;t eliminate them, but it lowers the strength of them. As for sex and any other activity... It always happens. I try to ignore them as much as possible, but in the back of my mind I worry about dying. I worry that my heart will just stop and my kids will be on their own. I actually made a promise to god all those years ago when they started that if he just let me live till my kids were both in college than I would be okay. Well my last daughter will go this December, lol... and I'm rethinking that whole thing. I started exercising fairly vigorously a month ago (yes the stupid PAC's are crazy then also) and it has triggered exercise asthma. I feel congested in my chest all the time now, heavy chested, coughing up muscous. It's making me want to just be a couch potato. I also have this naseous feeling, kind of like when I was pregnant. Anyone else have that problem?
Definitely a connection for me. Somtimes a BM lessens or eliminates PVCs. Hmm.

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